To be ten years old with a new Canon, hiking in the mountains of Japan, is something Kristi thanks her adventuresome parents for. It was the beginning of an odyssey, experiencing outdoor environments and documenting their sacred space.

Kristi immersed herself in the landscape of many countries when, as a child, she moved from her native California throughout Asia and Europe. A skill evolved, one that created memories of the lands she inhabited. Not a voyeuristic external viewing of “landscape” but deep connections with the world’s shapes and abstractions.

That sensory input, combined with an awareness for design and composition, manifested itself in painting and pottery before turning back to photography.

The emergence of the digital world aligned Kristi’s technical sensibilities with her artistic preference for photography. Having a high level of comfort in Photoshop with a computer background made it all quite painless.

21st century digital developing, replete with an almost infinite series of options, became a new set of skills to master. That technical refinement is now combined with an expanded vision that recently finds Kristi immersed in natural settings while observing and capturing abstract forms.

A lifelong learner, Kristi is thankful for the freedom to roam the earth, the opportunity to capture and share images, and those in her life who help made all that possible.