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More images from Italy

Here is a link of more images that I feel captured my experience in Cortona, Italy  Oct 2014:

Italy visit

I went to Cortona, Italy in October 2014, to capture images, to expand my photographic range, and, to have fun.

Photographically I had the idea to capture images of people using their hands. I think in Italy, artisans and their craft are valued more than in other countries, and I wanted to make a visual story about that.  When one uses their hands to create something, they imbue the object with their essence.  Where I live, in the United States, using one’s hands and the value of that, seems less and less appreciated; individuals are less able to support a theselves and craft work seems more and more of an outlier, marginal livelihood.

I consider this a beginning – the beginning of a story about capturing the essence of people using their hands.  I am drawn to continue this story with people around the world.

Much appreciation to instructor, friend and gifted artist Robin Davis who provided technical, patient guidance and access to the people and to her friends of Cortona.  It was so fun!

IT_Cortona_Hands-20 IT_Cortona_Hands-19 IT_Cortona_Hands-18 IT_Cortona_Hands-17 IT_Cortona_Hands-16 IT_Cortona_Hands-15 IT_Cortona_Hands-14 IT_Cortona_Hands-13 IT_Cortona_Hands-12 IT_Cortona_Hands-11 IT_Cortona_Hands-10 IT_Cortona_Hands-9 IT_Cortona_Hands-8 IT_Cortona_Hands-7 IT_Cortona_Hands-6 IT_Cortona_Hands-5 IT_Cortona_Hands-4 IT_Cortona_Hands-3 IT_Cortona_Hands-2 IT_Cortona_Hands-1


This weekend I have been thinking about life and how few years most of us have on this planet to do the things that are important to us.  Having work that I am passionate about and that is creative have been two things always on my mind.  Will I ever be completely fulfilled until/unless I pursue such a path.  I suppose to find out, I will have to do that.

Last week while strolling along a beach at Whitefish MT state park, killing time before catching a flight back home, I wanted to walk out to this dock that I could see.  I couldn’t however see a path to the dock.  I stood there for a second before I just started walking in the direction of the dock, and lo and behold, the path revealed itself to me.  I laughed out loud!  I thought it was such a great example of the fact that you cannot know what’s ahead, you just have to start going.